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Can cats eat fruit? The short answer to that question is yes. This may come as a surprise to you because you probably know that cats are big meat and fish eaters. After all, you will not find a fruit-flavored cat food in the market. You probably know as well that cats are not able to taste sweetness. So why would they eat fruit since most fruits are sweet. But even though they are fond of meat and seafood and they cannot taste food that are sweet, they also like the occasional fruity treat. But before you just give them any fruit, you should know that there are certain fruits that can be toxic to cats especially if they are consumed in excess.

So why do cats eat fruits?

There are many reasons why cats eat fruit. The simplest explanations that they are hungry and sometimes fruits are the only food available. This specially true with pets in the wild such as the bigger cousins of the domesticated cats like lions and tigers. The habit of these wild cats have been passed on to the smaller breeds that we commonly see in the city and in the neighborhood. So you can say that cats eat fruits out of hereditary preseason. Some experts will say some cats actually like the taste of fruits. This is especially true with fruits that are flavorful and not just sweet.

Consult your cat's vet

If you are not sure what fruits to avoid when it comes to feeding your pet, then the best thing that you can do is to consult your cat's veterinarian. You should always seek expert advice instead of just relying on the opinions of friends and other pet owners even though they are well-meaning. Another things that you should be aware of is that not all pets are the same. Not all of them have the same dietary requirements. Therefore, you should also be observant. If you think a certain kind of fruits does not suit well with your cat, then you should stop giving him that fruit.

Avoid grapes

If there is one kind of fruit that you should not give your cats it is grapes. It is not clear why grapes are toxic to cats. More studies need to be done. You should also avoid products that are made from grapes such as raisins. Grapes can be deadly to cats. They may not die immediately after consumption since the effect of grapes is cumulative. This means that the toxins get stored in their bodies until such a time that their systems will be overloaded already. So you should avoid giving grapes to your cat at all costs. You should also be careful not to have grapes lying around where your cat can easily eat them.

Apart from grapes, you should also avoid giving persimmons to your cats because they can be just as deadly as grapes. You should also avoid giving your cats acidic fruits because it can give them an upset stomach.

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