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Are you facing this problem with your kitty that your cat start peeing on carpet,furntiure and bed.Than it is so easy and simple to teach them to statr peeing on there own litter carton.But did we ever try to understand our kitten problem.why our cat start peeing everywhere instead of using there own box?

This is why because their litter carte giving bad smell or it not clean. Owner of tomcat must understand their kitty cleanees and always try to keep there box neat and clean. If cougar found their pack giving bad smeel or it not kept clean then they never use their box. Because they also want that their property must be neat and clean. Like how all human beings need cleaness in their life. Like that only even animals have same felling. How we always keep us neat and clean in the same way tomcat also want cleaness. So we always try our best to keep pussy bin neat and clean because they found their litter package is neat and clean then they will never pee on carpet or anywhere and try to keep extra case which may good for you and also good for your cat.

Top Seven Ways to Help Your Cat Stop Peeing Outside the Litter Bin

1.Consult Your Doctor:

If you found that your cat start peeing instaed of doing on their own litter bin after keeping their casket neat and clean then it is necessary to consult your animals doctor as soon as possible.It happen because tabby get infected in there urine so it necessary to consult doctor.If it became late then their is chance for kideny failure.

2.Observe Your Kitty Behaviour:

Try to observe your malkin behaviour daily try to keep your eyes on him/her and see what your tom eat outside and where it will go and what they will do. So you can keep your cats daily records.

3.Check The Type Of Litter Coffer:

In market we can find many types of litter box. But some of the ocelot dont like heavy perfurmed crate. Because lynx cant control heavy perfurmed smell so if your take perfumed carton try to take that one only which suitable for your cat.


4.Clean Litter Box Regularly:

A dirty bin which can send your kitten pee elsewhere.Cats are very clean by nature. So if they found their litter receptacle dirty then you may face the problem. So be regular to keep clean there casket.

5.Try Diffrent Type Of Litter Box:

when kitty are small then it easy for you keep any type of litter box. But once it grown up then it difficult to keep same casket. Try to use simple chest because adult cat dont like fancy box.

6.Place The Litter Box On Proper Place:

keep litter pack there only where your cat fell easy to go and it must alone place where people come less. Because even mmouser to feel shy while they peeing on their receptacle. They dont like that anybody see while he/she doing peeing.

7.Keep Additional Litter Bin:

Try to keep extra litter trunk because if you are out and came late from outside and frogot to wash protmanteau then you can another box.

So this our top seven steps which make your cats to stop peeing outside of the litter pack.Follow our way step by step and keep your cat healthy.

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