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Most cats are finicky eaters. Compared to dogs, they are less likely to get attracted to certain human foods. But it is important to know that some foods may be dangerous to cats and ice cream is one of them. So if you wonder, 'can cats eat ice cream', no they can't. If you are thinking about giving your cat this sweet treat, you might want to think again.

Ice creams may be one of your favorite treats. But they are not ideal for your cat because they contain milk and any product that has dairy is not suitable for your cat in the first place.

For instance, chocolate ice cream has methylxanthines, such as caffeine and theobromine. Such substances are enjoyed by most humans as they keep you alert, active and are responsible for euphoria but for cats, these ingredients can be fatal. Even a small amount of it may result in instant death.

There are a number of nasty surprises you can expect if you decided to feed your cat with chocolate ice cream. Mild symptoms like high heart rate can turn into muscle tremors, vomiting, coma and death so you should never risk it. If you are suspecting that your cat has eaten ice cream, seek immediately the advice of a vet.

Even other flavors of ice cream such as vanilla are still not advised for cats. In most cases, adult cats are lactose intolerant. Therefore giving them dairy products may result in upset tummy. Because milk is not digested well and not needed, it is always better that you give your cat with something that is approved by your vet.

Cats cannot taste sweet and all they are after is the fatty, creamy texture of ice cream. You should not assume that your cat will appreciate the taste of flavored ice cream. If you really want to give your cat a cold treat during hot days, you can help it cope with the heat by keeping them hydrated all the time. Simply give your cat a bowl of water. You can also keep them inside the house to stay cool.

Can cats eat ice cream? No they can't so don't you ever attempt to give them even a small amount of ice cream. Do not leave ice cream on the table unattended because your cat might lick on them. In small amounts they may not be fatal but still it is good to avoid giving them any ice cream because they might make your cat sick.

As a cat owner, it is part of your responsibilities to know the different types of food that are good and harmful for your cat. What you think would be good for your cat because of the great taste may not always be the best for its health. Be careful in feeding your cat with anything.

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