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Frontline Plus is one of the most recognized and high quality drugs which have been used for quite some time. Frontline Plus for cats is basically made to protect the kittens of the age of 8 weeks, and it is prescribed to be used with care as the skin of the pet can react to the ingredients present in the drug. If there is a reaction or complication, the pet should be taken to the doctor immediately. If your cat is suffering from fleas or ticks, you need to do something now. Your cat's vet has probably recommended some kind of over the counter treatment plan such as Frontline Plus. You need to treat your pet and at the same time find Frontline Plus for cats at the best price. This treatment generally goes on for months at a time and can become expensive. The question is where can you find great discounts? This article will discuss how to locale the best deals online.

This is the kind of drug which is a spot application. The ingredients have the capability to kill eggs and larvae of the fleas within 24 hours of application. It also checks the growth of the fleas and protects the host from any unwanted damage. Frontline Plus is a quality drug. Usually in cats, the drug is prescribed for the kittens. The ingredients keep the kittens active and responsive towards the drug and permit the drug to react in the quickest time. This is applied with the help of the applicator. Because the product is flammable, extra precautions should be taken in order to store the drug in a cool and safe place away from heat and combustive material.

Frontline Plus is the drug which is not very expensive, when we compare the results and the comfort it gives to the pet, as there is no substitute to comfort. One should select the drug as the ideal killer, in case of flea and tick attack on the pet. Another glaring advantage, which makes the drug stand out, is that the drug is waterproof. It is therefore ideally suited for pets that can swim, and the usage is generally on a monthly basis for kittens who are 8 weeks of age and older. The drug is not dangerous, but the on spot application makes it serious for the one who is applying it. The application of the drug should be done with care, and reaction of the pet should be noted. Because in cases when the pet reacts to the drug, it may become necessary to carry the kitten to the doctor without delay.

Some of the common side effects that may be caused to the pets include:

– Allergic Reaction: This frontline plus use may cause certain allergic problems like fipronil. The main symptoms of allergic reactions include vomiting, diarrhea and hair loss.

– Irritation: As mentioned above, this medication is a topical medication, so this medicine may even cause the skin problems like skin irritation, or rashes on the skin and many other similar problems but in most cases, the problem remains for temporary interval.

– Dangerous if it is swallowed: while applying the medicine to the pet's skin, one should be careful that the pet should not swallow the medicine. So, for this reason, the medicine is applied only to some limited areas i.e. at the pet's body. Frontline Plus should always be applied on the back of your dog's neck or between his shoulder blades, because the dogs or cats can't reach these areas and lick there. It is very poisonous if ingested and may even lead to the death of pet.

However, the main problem is that, it is not applicable to all pets and may even have some side effects for certain pets. Many times, dogs suffer from the side effect caused by the medications, which can be sometimes very serious causing severe problem. Hence, the owner of pet should first consult the veterinarian.

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