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There are different ways to cure your hyperthyroidism sick cat. You can take her to a surgery; take her to treatment called radioactive iodine or rely on feline hyperthyroidism medication only. This may not be the best solution since the cat must take the medication always and as soon as, but it's affordable and easier. On the other side, some cats may not adopt this treatment very well, and vomiting or anorexia can be some side effects. The Methimazole is used to treat a disease all around the world, but it's not the only option offered on the market.

1. Methimazole – known as Tapazole and Felimazole, as well, is feline hyperthyroidism medication that blocks the production of thyroid hormone. In case of any kidney disease during this treatment, as soon as cat stops taking it, its effect is starting to fade. If the side effects, such as lethargy, loss of appetite or vomiting don't appear in the first three months, you will not see them appear, at all. There are even some more serious problems that might happen, such as liver failure and even kidney problems in case there was an insufficiency before the treatment. This medication can be prescribed for a preparation for surgery, as well, in order to see how the cat reacts on changes.

2. Carbimazole – it is used mostly if your cat can't handle to methimazole. This medication is not available in the USA due to marketing agreement with Lilly. This medicine is actually converted into methimazole in the body, and some researches have shown that it may have less side effects than the methimazole. Even when something happens, the changes are very mild, so there is no need to stop taking the carbimazole.

3. Alternatives – ipodate is one more feline hyperthyroidism medication, but it's rarely available anywhere. It converts T4 to T3, and most cats didn't show any side effects during treatment. There is one more alternative – the combination of potassium iodate, which takes care of thyroid function and the propranolol or atenolol, which are beta-blockers, and they prevent and control heart disease in this case. Unfortunately, it is not recommended for long-term use since it has a lot of side effects, such as depression, stomachaches and it doesn't reach the highest results.

It seems like this area is still not developed well enough since there is practically only one feline hyperthyroidism medication available everywhere today. This is far from the best options for your cat; it's true that it can balance the thyroid functions, but when taken for a long time, it can cause other problems in the body.

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