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Siberians are a natural breed means that they come in all colors, including color points. The golden shaded and golden tabby cats are recognized, but are a rare color. All Siberians have a very dense, water resistant triple coat, which is medium to long in length. The coat will be denser in the winter while the summer coat is somewhat shorter and less dense. The hair is shorter on the shoulders than on the body.

There is a full ruff around the neck, full fluffy britches and a bushy tail that is carried up with pride. Ear tipping is desired and full ear furnishings are required. This means that the tops of the ears can have hair which makes the ears look pointed when in fact the actual ear is rounded. The inside of the ear has hair, called ear furnishings that protect it from the elements.Siberians tend to be self grooming, meaning that they remain relatively tangle-free.

Occasional brushing can be used as an interaction between you and your siberian cat. Siberians like to play in water and if bathed regularly as kittens, are not a problem to groom and will enjoy the attention. The Siberian is a medium-large cat with the overall appearance of excellent physical condition, strength, power and alertness, modified by a sweet facial expression.

The general impression of the Siberian is one of circles and roundness rather than rectangles (Mainecoon) and triangles (Norwegian Forest Cat) indicative of the other forest cat breeds. They can take as long as 5 years to reach full maturity. Females are considerable smaller than males. Their eyes vary in color from gold to green and all shades in-between. Siberians may be odd eyed and colorpoint Siberians will have blue eyes.

Siberian kitten a quiet breed that has melodic ways of expressing themselves using sweet mews, thrills, chirps and lots of purring. Often, they love to sit in your lap and be groomed. A favorite pastime of theirs is to find something and bring it back so it can be thrown and fetched. All types of toys intrigue them and they will play with just about anything. Another thing that intrigues them is moving the cursor on the computer screen.

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