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If you have ever owned more than one cat then you would certainly agree with the fact that not all cats are created equal. Just as with dogs and other pets the looks and personalities of different cats will vary depending on the breed. If you are considering what type of cat you would like to bring into your home, then it is important to consider the different cat breeds and their personalities.

The Abyssinian cat is very social and easy to groom. Their personalities will come out most effectively in homes where there is a great deal of social activity going on. This can be via human companionship or companionship with other cats and animals. This type of breed is extremely fun loving and as such is always looking to play around with its owners.

How about the Bengal cat? The Bengal cat will show off all of the signs of a domestic cat while harboring some of its more intrinsic wild traits as well. These types of cats are certainly very vocal and will never hesitate to tell you when they think something is wrong or when they are not happy with something you are doing. They have a great deal of energy and continually explore their surroundings. The term 'curiosity killed the cat' was never more appropriate than with the Bengal cat.

If you have children or you have a dog then the Pixie-Bob cat is certainly a good option. This breed of cat is considered to be one of the most intelligent and they really do love spending time with their owners. They will generally get along extremely well with all members of any household, including children and dogs.

If any owner is looking for a cat that is going to curl up on their lap and snuggle with them then they may want to consider the Munchkin. This type of breed tends to be a bit more affectionate than some of the others, and will certainly make a wonderful companion. Again, they will do well with other animals in the home so if you have some four-legged canine friends with you then there shouldn't be too many sparks flying.

All in all it is very important for you to consider exactly what you want in a cat before you find a suitable breeder. Along with these there are plenty of other breeds that you could choose from.

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