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A domesticate kitten will be taught by their mother from an early age how to keep themselves in good order by showing them how to groom themselves. A kitten who is accustomed to being handled, stroked and has their coat of fur combed regularly will expect to have the same attention when they reach adulthood.

Cat owners who groom their cat every day every day will establish a firm loving bond with their feline friend. A shorthaired cat has a tongue that is a natural brush for their fur, licking and preening themselves is part of their everyday routine. Running your fingers over your pet's body will help you to recognise any unwanted lumps or bumps that may need attention from your local vet.

All cats should be given the correct age related cat food that aids cat nutrition. A pet diet with quality balanced food ingredients will soon see your cat indulging himself in a regular cleaning routine, clearing away unwanted dirt and food from his coat.

Cats also moult at least twice a year; it is at this time that a cat owner will need to pay attention to their cats pet diet, long hairs can become matted up with food and form hair balls in your cats throat, if a cat is not groomed a hairball could cause a cat to choke. It is important to note if your cat has a hairball he will seek grass, grass acts has an emetic, making them vomit to get rid of the blockages.

Top Tip: If you have no areas of lawn use a large flowerpot to grow grass from seed. At Hills Pets we recommend all a cat have a pet diet that provide carbohydrates for energy, proteins for strong bodily tissues, good fats that absorb and store essential vitamins, minerals to support a healthy immune and plenty of fresh water for maintaining overall health care.

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