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Having a sick cat is not easy, at all. Above anything else, it is hard to see your pet suffer and you must wonder what is going to be with her in the future and how long is she going to survive. When it's about cat hyperthyroidism life expectancy, it is hard to make any predictions because it depends on many other things. For example, it's important to know other health problems of your cat; the age matters, as well and the lifestyle she is living in daily. However, some treatments are more recommendable than the others.

1. The medicines

If your cat is not very old and she is diagnosed with hyperthyroidism, cat hyperthyroidism life expectancy of another ten years on medications is unreal. Almost 20% of cats can't handle the Tapazole, and besides side effects such as vomiting, lethargy and depression, there might me more serious problems like thrombocytopenia, agranulocystois and even the heart disease. In some occasions, though, this treatment might be justified, if the vet claims that other treatments won't do any good, and there is no reason to put yourself or your cat through any further risks.

2. The surgery

It can be very good choice since your cat will have one or both lobes removed. Removing both lobes is recommended since when only one is removed, after a couple of years, the same treatment must be repeated with another one. However, if one sick tissue is left behind, there will be more problems in the future. This treatment begins with medications and if the cat can't handle them, it can become complicated. The life expectancy can be more than ten years, but if the surgery is done properly, if your cat is generally healthy and active.

3. Radioactive iodine.

This is the best treatment so far and your cat normally won't have any problems in the future. She can live normally for more than ten years and the disease won't come back. The only problem might be the price, but it can really solve the problems, because the cat hyperthyroidism life expectancy is more than good.

This is very hard subject to discuss, because the cat hyperthyroidism life expectancy is a relative thing and no one can predict what kind of therapy your cat will adopt. One thing is certain, if left untreated, the hyperthyroidism won't let too much time for your cat and her life will be miserable most of the time.

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