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Assume that you just are unaccustomed the pet cat possession arena and you wish to decide on the most effective cat litter for your recently purchased cat. This really happened to me many years ago. I walked into some of the name whole pet stores and was mesmerized by the wide alternative of product accessible. I virtually failed to recognize wherever to begin.

This product is placed into seven categories:

  1. Clumping/ Non-clumping or Scoop able/Non-Scoop able
  2. Odor Dominant or Non-Odor Dominant
  3. Scented or Non-Scented
  4. Diagnostic or Non-Diagnostic
  5. Natural Ingredients or Non-Natural Ingredients
  6. High Bulk Density or Low Bulk Density
  7. Coarse Pellets or Fine Pellets

In short, there are varieties of options on that to differentiate between the products. In addition, though all these products absorb the cat's body waste, the extent of absorption factor varies with the various products. The final major variance between the products is value per unit or unit volume of the product.

What is the meaning of some of these categories?

Clumping or Scoop able suggests that wherever the cat urinates within the litter the wetted particles can adhere along to create a clump or lump. This lump will currently be scooped from the dry cat litter. This will be done by hand or any additional products. For a good product, the lumps needs to be firm and will not break apart when allowed to free fall from a height of about twelve inches.

Products that will odor controlling have an ingredient that destroys bacteria producing odor. There are also some different products which used to mask the odor by using a scented ingredient.

Diagnostic kind litter is a recent development in the world of cat and only some products have this feature. What these products try to do is offer early warning for UROLITHIASIS that is typically accompanied by bacterial infection, in the cats. This is a common thing in the winter months and when the cat has less water intake problem. Normally, by the time it is accepted in the cats and the method is highly developed and also the only acceptable healing is surgical removal of the CALCULI. If discovered early, light manipulations of a sound or tube usually dislodge tiny CALCULI. Dilating the canal by alternately injecting saline solution by manually pressing the bladder may also relieve the obstruction.

But, due to the natural difficulties of operation involving these organs, the results do not seem to be eternally constructive, besides the procedure is typically expensive. The warning feature of some product involves a color change of the product, the sick cat's body waste inflicting the clumps to change from its traditional color to another planned color.

It is an advantage for the product to be made of natural ingredients as disposal must not be a problem environmentally. Some environment friendly product is disposed of by merely flushing in the wash room. But this cannot be used for those products with high bulk density or those with toxic ingredients.

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