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Halloween is all about fun and playing around. It is the time when you can spend some quality time with your family and loved ones. This is when the entire surrounding is in the festive mood and when people of all age group will be in their scariest look. When everything will be full of enthusiasm, then, why should the felines be deprived of all the fun?

Don't just keep your kitty locked up in a room. Dress her in the cat costume and treat her with special cat food. Involve her in the celebration and her to have as much fun as you are having. The article has compiled the various ways through which you can get your feline ready for the day.

1.The lion cat look

This is one of the most 'in' thing for the day. Cats and tigers belong to the same family. Hence, they can easily pull out this look. You can find the cat lion hat at the online store of, this alone can give a perfect Halloween look to the feline. Make your pet the leader of all it's counterpart. The king of the jungle will look even more cute if your kitty is yellow in color.


The batman look is the best one for the black felines. Attach the wings of the batman at the back of the kitty and a black bow tie in the front. Leave the rest to the fierce looks of your cat. No matter how cute she is, she will definitely scare each and everyone around.

3.Dinosaur cat

The Dinosaur cat costume available at is another good option. This apparel will keep the kitty warm as well as make her ready for the event. This costume is complete in itself and you need not do anything else. Your feline is gonna be the most attractive personality at the party.

4.Witch and wizards

Some of the felines don't like wearing clothes as it restricts their movement. In this case, you can go for the look of wizard or witch. Just put a long wizard hat on the head of the feline. This will perfectly match the requirement of the day. You can even tie a black robe with the cat collar. This will be easy for her to carry and will add to the wizardry charm.

The place on this day is going to be crowded with guests. So, keep your feline indoors. No matter how careful you are, there's a chance that your feline companion may slip out of the door. Hence, make sure that you tie a cat collar bow tie in her neck and attach an identification tag with it. This will differentiate her from the stray cats. Make sure that the clothes that you buy for the pet are lightweight and cozy. Don't make her wear the costume for a long period of time.

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