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Animal protection organizations and Zoo's receive many numbers of cats because the owner's of cats or some of their family members fall allergic to cats. The following are considered as cat allergy symptoms watery eyes, itchy eyes, wheezing and running nose. Many people do not understand that these allergies can be controlled by cleaning the home regularly and bathing the cat daily.

Why This Allergy Happens?

Dander is the major cause of cat allergies. Danders are nothing but cat's dead skin. But the major belief is that the cat's hair causes all allergies, which are not true. The allergies are due to the reaction from a protein called Fel D1.

Smoking, dust, insects and infection from other animals can also cause symptoms similar to cat allergies. Whereas in some cases a person would have got allergic to something like dust in home but the cats will be blamed for this.

The ways you can prevent these allergies

The following things will help you to reduce the allergies.

* Antihistamines will help in reduction of cat allergies
* Consuming allergy shots will reduce these symptoms by to 65%, whereas it only
works 20% on dog allergies.
* Regularly wash your hands after touching the cat.
* Keep you hour free of dust and clean your home on regular basis
* Make the cats to sleep in a different room
* Make sure that your bedrooms doors are properly shut.This will prevent the allergies
from entering into beds and clothes
* Clean your carpet regularly
* Use air filter
* Replace your vacuum filters at regular intervals.
* If you cats sits on the furniture regularly then use slipcovers.
* Shop for mattress covers and pillowcases that are allergy proof.
* You vacuum should have a HEPA filter. Many vacuum cleaners does not remove Fel D1
protein,if it's spreaded in the clothes and beds.
* Mop your home often
* The bed used by should be washed often in hot water.
* Ceiling fans should cleaned at regular intervals. Because these ceiling fans will spread the
cat hairs and dusts all over the home

Following the above said methods will reduce your cat allergy symptoms drastically.

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