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Do you have a need for furniture that discreetly conceals your sight of the cat's litter box? Some creative furniture makers have a brilliant solution for your litter box dilemma. Ever wish there was wonderfully crafted furniture that fits into most existing home décor? A furniture piece called The Hidy Tidy was created to closely resemble to the furniture style of a beautiful wooden cabinet. This sturdy wooden unit comes with an attached hinged door. Options include units with a single or double door. Choose the right option for you dependent on your cat's size and comfort.

The company offers numerous cabinet styles and selections. You can choose the look of the cabinet doors to have mosaic tile or the beauty of stained glass. Complete units include a waterproof litter box. This litter box simply slides out of the cabinet doors for easy cleaning. Different companies, such as Catsplay, also offer similar cabinet units. They offer cat litter box furniture in a Shaker cabinet style to match fine furniture styles. Some cabinets are elaborate looking by having 2 tier cabinet elements. Some cabinets have upper shelving options. For smaller spaced homes, there is a corner cabinet unit to best suit your particular needs.

The cat litter box furniture is utilized by the cat entering and exiting through the cabinet's side opening. By utilizing the side opening, the unit appears to be a stylish piece of cabinetry. Eluding the fact that this attractive furniture piece is truly the discreet location for the cat's litter box is a wonderful solution for loving cat owners. Another unit type is modeled like a bench style. It has space for seating and the appearance of false drawer fronts.

Custom designed cabinets can be constructed to exact specifications to blend with established décor. Cat litter box furniture cabinet unit pricing depends on the desired size and style.

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