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Treating pets at home can sometimes be a difficult task. Dogs and cats have a mind of their own and will rarely be willing to sit through health treatments complacently. This means using products like Drontal for cats for worming your pets may not always be the easiest task.

Safe and Effective Worming Techniques

It is important to choose a safe worming product like Drontal for cats. To eradicate worms you will need to use quite strong chemical agents. If you choose a reputable brand then you can be sure these treatments have been fully tested and are safe for pets whilst still being effective at getting rid of worms.

– Drontal for cats has been tested thoroughly and is one of the safest and most effective worming treatments on the market.

– Drontal contains powerful agents such as praziquantel. This works quickly to destroy intestinal worms such as tapeworm with the minimum side effects for your pets.

– If you have had problems with other worming products making your pets ill before then Drontal for cats is a good option.

– This does not contain nitroscanate which is a common ingredient in other wormers. This problem with this nitroscanate is that it frequently causes side effects such as vomiting and diarrhoea. This type of wormer also requires you to starve your pet before application.

– This can be very unpleasant for pets and can put you off worming your pets in the future. With Drontal the chances of these side effects are minimal and this means you can carry out successful and stress-free worming for your pets.

– There is also no need to starve your pets before using Drontal products for worming.

– Drontal for cats is sold in user-friendly applications that make it quick and easy for you to protect your pets against worm parasites.

– The tablet and Spot On applications are a good choice for cats. These animals can be notoriously difficult to treat with topical applications.

– If you add tablets to your cat's food in most cases they will swallow them without even realising they are even there.

– The Spot On is also very easy to use and all you will need to do is squeeze a few drops on the back of your cat's neck.

– For the best effects, you should make sure your pets are protected all-year round. If you worm your cats with Drontal every 3 months or so this should protect them all the time from these nasty parasites.

– Don't forget you need to protect kittens from worms as well. They can easily come into contact with microscopic worm eggs even if they have not yet been outside.

– You can start worming kittens from 6 weeks using the tablet or Spot On versions of Drontal.

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