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No one likes the smell of dirty litter, not so your kitten. You cannot think of yourself, if you were in an unclean litter box. Same as kitten, they have some specific preferences about cat litter. They are very hygienic animals in this universe. They do not like the smell of litters. No wonder at least 90% of kittens stop using the box reliably at some point. Of course, there can be medical or behavioral reasons for the problems. Hence, not using the box is often traced to nothing more than a dirty litter.

Following are some serious notes that will help you, how to avoid the bad odor and keep your house smelling fresh. By maintaining few regulations, you and your kitten will be happier for a long.

Keep your cat litter box fresh and clean:

If you want to keep your place clean and fresh, you should keep your cat box clean. Constant cleaning is the only solution. It means scooping the box out at least twice a day, removing the solids and liquid clumps if you use clumping litter. Thus, for those who do not use clumping litter can use a large, solid metal spoon to lift out the most urine soaked areas each time you clean. You can add the amount as required and removed the spoiled portion. You can add 2 to 3 inches litter in the box as cat does not like so much. You can wash the box weekly, or even other week if you are using clumping litter. Use a mild, unscented dish detergent or a mild bleach spray to reduce the smell.

Scented litters for kittens:

Some cat litters have made of scented materials or additives that claim to help cover litter smell. But to a cat these smell overwhelming and make the box welcoming. Usually, cats do not like scented materials. Now experienced veterinarians advise not to use scented materials as it harmful for your kitten. However, many believe that clumping litters allow easy removal of solids and liquids that keep the box clean.

Use user-friendly cat litter box:

Cats are very choosey animals; they do not want to step or dig in already soiled areas. In this case, you can cut down one side of a large plastic storage tub to get a large box. You can avoid covered boxes as well as most cats do not like them. They can trap odor inside the box which is horrible. You should make the path easy. There are many cats that do not like plastic liners as they can snare cat's claws when they dig.

Select a perfect location:

If you have a kitten at your home, choose the right location to place your cat litter box. Always place the box in a low traffic and silent area, so that your kitten can easily use the box. However, do not put the box in a small enclosed area, like a tiny bathroom. Usually, a huge, well-ventilated location is the best for kittens.

Moreover, if you love your kitten it is your responsibility to keep it clean and healthy. Thus, before choosing a right cat litter make sure it suits all the needs of your kitten.

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