Why Does My Cat Knead Me With His Paws

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After dogs, cats are the most popular pets that people have. Compared to dogs, cats are more delicate creatures and require a lot of care. If you have a cat or are planning to get one then you need to know that cats love to sleep, sometimes sleeping for 18 hours a day.

They often sleep on our beds or other furniture leaving behind lots and lots of cat hair. This is where having a cat bed might come in handy. Similar to dog accessories online shopping you can easily buy cat beds from online pet supplies store since they have a far greater variety of beds for you to choose.

But do not buy cat beds right away; first you need to evaluate the sleeping habits of your cats. You need to observe certain things before you buy cat beds. Do they stretch out or curl? They cuddle up under clothing, blankets or some sack or box? Is your cat suffering from any ailment and needs extra support. An online pet supplies store has got beds to suit all their needs.

Cats that like to curl up while sleeping are comfortable in round beds. These beds have wall heights varying from 2″-4″. These beds are big enough for them to snuggle down and sleep on for hours comfortably. These beds are made using polyester with changeable outer covers. Some beds also have hoods with them to help them snuggle. In case you cat sleeps with her head propped up then you must buy cat beds with bolsters or sides. For cats that like to stretch out, buy cat beds with a nice rectangular pillow or one in the form of a platform. These beds are available in both orthopaedic foam and fluffy fibre. Some of these beds have removable covers to make cleaning easier while some can be thrown into the washer straightaway.

If your cat loves to sleep with you then having a throw might be a nice option. These act as great furniture covers and help get rid of unwanted cat hair from your furniture. Some of these throws also come with a heating element to keep your feline friend comfortable. In case your cat likes the outdoors a lot then you can buy cat beds specially designed for outdoors. But before you buy such a bed make sure that you have a place to keep it away from the weather elements. It is essential that the outdoor bed that you buy has a heating element to make sure that the cat stays warm even in the winters.

Cat owners know that cats love to be independent. They love to do what they like. Try to provide them a place where they feel comfortable. A cat bed can easily provide them with a place of safety, security and comfort. Buy cat beds of good quality since they last for years. Whatever be the design of the bed that you choose, make sure that it has a surface which can be cleaned easily since it can help control flea, bacteria and larvae.

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