Why Does My Cat Knead My Clothes

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More Cat Care Information:

Owning a cat or kitten takes a little work but gives back a lot of happiness in return. Cats are very soft and sensitive animal in this world. They will give you unconditional love if you show proper care to them. However, you also need to take some responsibility to keep her safe and healthy all the time. If you have a small kitten, make sure to handle it a lot, very gently showing it that you are someone on whom they can trust.

Before bringing a new kitten into your home, there are some considerations that you need to maintain. Good food, proper care, regular medical check-up and most importantly choosing right Cat Litter are very important while taking care of your kitten. Often we notice that cats are not using the box as they might face different problems using cat litter. In this case, being a responsible pet owner, you need to take proper actions against the issues that your kittens face.

Top reasons cat urinates outside of the litter box:

Choosing Wrong Cat Litter:

Choosing the right cat litter is very important for your kitten as it relates to your cat's health. Often kittens do not use the box as because of wrong selection of cat litter. Cats are very sensitive animal and they have strong smelling power. If the materials are not made with good quality ingredients, it won't absorb cat's urine and waste. Of course, the result would be very pathetic. If your brand does not have the odor control power, it spreads the odor and make your box smelly, dirty.

Litter box is untidy:

Most of the cats do not use the litter box due to untidiness of box. If your box is full of odor and untidiness, than normally your kittens do not want to use the box. Keeping a box clean and odor free, you need to keep it clean and fresh. It is advisable to dispose of all used materials and clean the box at least twice a week. Although, this is very important to wash the container thoroughly as much as possible so that your kitten does not become averse to using her box due to untidiness.

Medical Issus:

Apart from the above all reasons, sometimes medical issues can be great problem for your kitten not using the box. The major thing you need to do is to take an appointment with your veterinarian to examine for disorders known to cause the behavior. Nowadays, urinary tract infections of feline diseases are common reasons for not using the box.

How to Prevent This Problem – Organic or natural cat litter is best choice:

Organic or natural cat litter is the best option while choosing the right cat litter for your kitten. Usually, natural material is composing with natural ingredients that keep your kitten safe and healthy all the time. This is made with 100% organic ingredients that allow you to visually monitor your cat's health 24/7. At the same time, it destroys all the bacteria and keeps your box odorless and fresh all the time. Most importantly, organic cat litter is non-toxic and environmental friendly. This is recyclable also.

Furthermore, whether you choose clay cat litter, silica, crystal or organic materials, make sure it fulfills all the requirements of your kitten.

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