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Giving your cat some ice cream or any dairy product such as milk and cheesemay seem like a fun way of giving them atreat but the truth is that you are not actually doing her any favor. Young kittens should get milk from their mother. While cats and kittens enjoy milk, you should only be giving them milk that is specially formulated for them as opposed to the regular milk that you get at the grocery store.

Cats are only producing a small amount of the enzymes that are essential to process the lactose present in milk. Hence giving your cat with milk may cause it to throw up or can give diarrhea. You should not allow your cats to have milk or any milk products in general, including large amounts of cheese and ice cream. These products can actually affect the digestive process of your cat and may make them diarrheic or constipated.

While products containing milk can upset their digestion, cats also love cheese and some people who have cats give their pets safely limited amounts of natural cheese as snack or treats. Most cat food companies are making cheese treats intended for cats. Some even sprinkle a little bit of cheese on canned food cats, encouraging picky cats to eat their food.

You should not be giving your cat with ice cream. They do not taste the sweetness of the ice cream in the same way that you can and that is because of their genetic makeup. Aside from that, cats may also suffer from the negative effects of sugar in ice cream that is a major risk to most cases because of the threat of diabetes. Overweight felines are at risk to getting diabetes so you should not give them anything that has high sugar content.

Often, there are other food ingredients added to cheese and milk and even if the milk won't make your cat sick, these ingredients might. For instance, you should not give your cats chocolate including chocolate ice cream. Chocolates have methylxanthines that can stimulate your cat and can cause high heart rate, seizures, vomiting, muscle tremors and in extreme cases, death.

You should also not give your cats with coffee including coffee ice cream. Coffee has some substances that were known to be toxic to cats and even to dogs. Some spices including garlic that are usually added in specialty cheeses may also be harmful to your cat's health.

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