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Cat Care Tips

Unusual Cat Behaviour

More Cat Care Information: Regarding the health of this cat's ideal is to pick a veterinarian after it receives a cat in your own home. The activity of the veterinarian immediately thereafter begins with a thorough examination to diagnose any ailments or dysfunctions also to administer the first vaccines. On the first trip to the vet […]

Cat Posture

More Cat Care Information: Pet owners know that their pets are an integral part of their life and require a lot of pampering to keep them happy and healthy. Cats and dogs are among the most common pets present in any household. Behaviour wise we can say that cats and dogs are almost opposites, so are […]

Cat Behaving Differently

More Cat Care Information: The raging debate during the use of plastic for pet bowls and pet fountains has centered almost exclusively at the direct adverse reactions of plastic around the animals using those bowls, particularly pet fountains in your dog fountain arena, particularly cat fountains.There are long been recognized that plastic water bowls can offer […]

Outside Cat Care

More Cat Care Information: While it may be tempting to let your feline roam in the great outdoors and enjoy everything the warm weather has to offer, you may be putting your feline at great risk. Traditionally, most cat owners would let their feline venture around the neighborhood during the day and let their feline in […]

Caring For Your Cat

More Cat Care Information: If you are planning a vacation or need to travel for some other reason then catteries are the most suitable option to keep your cat at while you are away. In the following sections let us look at common facilities that are available in these catteries, requirements they should meet and your […]

Cat Diarrhea

More Cat Care Information: The Snowshoe is a breed of domestic cat that originated in the 1960s in the US and is still classified as a rare cat breed. Breed history The Snowshoe was first discovered in the 1960s by a Siamese breeder named Dorothy Hinds-Daughterty when three kittens in one litter had unique markings – […]

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