Easy Cat Care Tips – Secrets to Keeping Your Cat Well

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We all think that we know the basics of looking after your cat. However you would be amazed at how often we overlook our cat’s basic health needs. This article examines the basic routine that we need to follow to ensure that our cats remain healthy.


You will from time to time find small clumps of dirt will accumulate in the corner of the eyes of your cat. Try to clean simply with a piece of cotton soaked with tepid water. If your cat seems to have eyes that are half closed and it is not a characteristic of its race, check with your veterinary surgeon to see whether your cat has an allergy.


They should be cleaned at least one time per week. Cats ears often clean themselves, however sometimes a build up of dirt will lead to a bad smell or accumulation of cerumen. If however you note that they are slightly dirty you can clean the inner ear with a piece of cotton but take care not to go too far in the auditory canal. Never use an ear bud not as thus is likely to wound the cat. The ears of your cat must be examined at least once a year by your veterinary surgeon.


Normally, the cat cleans them itself. Nevertheless, if they are dirty, which can be due to bad weather and when your cat goes outside, clean them with a wet cotton cloth.


Cats which live outside maintain their claws naturally, while climbing trees, for example. But an indoor cat can require their claws to be cut for them, especially if it is old or if your cat damages them on the pieces of furniture. Indeed, if your cat’s claws are too long claws then they can become ingrown and infect his paws. Use special guillotine nail-clippers and ask for the assistance of somebody to hold the cat during the cutting process. Press behind each paw to make the retractile claws open. Only the points of the claw should be cut and not the interior o the claw.

This operation is a little delicate. If you cannot stomach cutting your cat’s claws then ask your veterinary surgeon to show you the best technique or simply visit a grooming salon.