Persian Cat Care – How to Keep Your Pet Happy and Healthy

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Persian cats are considered by many to be one of the classiest breeds. As the name applies, it’s believed they came from Persia, which is located in modern day Iran. Since there’s such a stigma surrounding them, many people believe that more care is needed in owning a one. However this is not true. The care given to a Persian cat is basically the same as any other. Let’s take a closer look at exactly what needs to be done to keep your cat happy and health.


It’s so important feed your cat the top quality food. A cat’s digestive system is very different then humans. Because of this it’s not advisable to feed your Persian cat leftovers or table scraps. Freshness is also important. They may become sick or get an upset stomach if they eat spoiled food.

Litter boxes

All cats are very sensitive to smell. They won’t enjoy being around anything that stinks. Besides that, your house will smell great too!

Know your pet

Every cat is different. It’s always a good idea to “check in” every day to make sure things is ok. If something’s not right, he or she will let you know in their own way. If in doubt a quick trip to the vet may be in order. It’s always good to be safe than sorry.


Preventive medication is always a good thing. Just like humans, cats need to be vaccinated on a regular basis. While shots may be expensive, it’s important to keep this in your monthly budget. It’s better to pay for vaccines up front, than deal with bigger problems down the road.

Quality Time

While cats may seem aloof at times, they need love and affection as much as humans. Quality time is so important. Take the time to play with your pet on a regular basis. If it’s hard to find the time, simply taking a few minutes to pet him can go a long way. One of the more human traits that cats posses is jealously. Not playing with him might lead to depression or stress. The more you ignore your cat, the worse it will get.